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git is live

Hi everybody.  Git is now live and the master repository for binutils
and gdb.

Maybe I made some enormous mistake!  While I'd prefer to be finished
with this project, if there is a mistake, please be reassured that we
have not taken any truly irreversible action.  CVS commits are disabled,
but all the data is still there.

I hope you feel reassured now.

Pedro pointed out today that the history of the existing repository is
weird around the point at which the src repository is stitched onto the
older devo repository.  "Weird" here means that there are some commits
that delete nearly everything, only to have it all restored a commit or
two later.  I spent some time trying to fix this; but in fact, far too
much time, and in the end I decided that we will just have to live with

It was pointed out to me on irc that not everybody has already used git.
I'm reliably informed that this is a good git book, and it is available

I'm sure there are others as well.

A couple of small hints.  You will want to set your username and email
address in your git config before pushing your first commit.  I'm sure
the book explains this early on.

I've set things up to reject "non-fast-forward" merge commits to master.
What this means is that if you commit something and try to push, and
then it fails, you will want to "git pull --rebase", or use "git rebase
-i", before trying again.  This is basically analogous to "cvs
update"ing before trying to commit again.

I named the new repository "binutils-gdb".  First, sorry to all who
backed "src".  I was swayed by the hue and cry to choose a URL whose
importance is undeniable despite the second argument to git clone.
Second, gdbers, I chose the name alphabetically.

The URLs:


I believe only the latter form allows pushing.

Please report any problems to me or to the list.  I'll be around fixing
any problems.  You can also join us on #gdb and ask git questions if you

I still have a few final tasks to do for the transition, but nothing too
pressing.  E.g., I will check in my changes to the gdbadmin scripts
soon, when I'm readier to debug them; but meanwhile they will pull from
CVS without harm.


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