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KGTP (Linux debugger and tracer) 20130915 release (bugs fix and pdf doc)

Hi guys,

KGTP ( is a flexible, lightweight and
realtime Linux debugger and tracer.
To use it, you don't need patch or rebuild the Linux kernel. Just
build KGTP module and insmod it is OK.
This is the video that I introduce KGTP in GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 or .

Please go to or (Chinese) to
get more info about howto use KGTP.

Please goto
(Chinese) get the table of different between GDB debug normal program
and KGTP if you have experience using GDB debug normal program.

Now, KGTP 20130915 release.
You can get the package:
Get through https:
Get through git:
git clone
git checkout 20130915 -b 20130915

The main change of this release is:
Fixed bugs around x86_32.  And They also reminded me to do this test
on x86_32 before release. (I just do x86_64 in before.) Thanks help
from Brad Dixon.
Fixed bugs around while-stepping.
Added pdf format docs.
Moved to github.

Now, I am working on insert tracepoint to user space program that base
on Uprobes.  The most of code work was done.  Please goto try it if you are
interesting with this function.


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