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Fwd: GDB/Python conflicts between HEAD and Fedora


It looks like I have a conflict in my system (Fedora 17) between the
package provided GDB and the version I build from the tree, am I the
only one ?

> ./gdb/gdb #from up-to-date git tree
> Python Exception <type 'exceptions.NameError'> name 'os' is not defined:
> warning: Could not load the Python gdb module from `/usr/share/gdb/python'.
> warning: Limited Python support is available from the _gdb module.
> [...license details ...]
> Couldn't load Python: name 'os' is not defined
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  [local python file imported from .gdbinit]
>     import gdb
>   File "/usr/share/gdb/python/gdb/", line 25, in <module>
>     'gdb.function': os.path.join(gdb.PYTHONDIR, 'gdb', 'function'),
> NameError: name 'os' is not defined

/usr/share/gdb/python/gdb/ is provided by Fedora, and 'os'
is indeed not imported

On the other hand, the GDB version provided by fedora package works as
expected, with my Python scripts taken into account.

So, do you have any clue why gdb tries to load these system files, and
certainly bugs because of a version mismatch ?

Just for information the two versions I use are :
GNU gdb (GDB) Fedora (
GNU gdb (GDB)



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