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Re: is sim/common documented anywhere?

On Friday 24 August 2012 20:49:36 DJ Delorie wrote:
> Problem turned out to be this: running "make all-sim" doesn't return
> an error if your compilation fails, at least on my system.

weird ... it does for me.  i don't think the rules added by the common make 
fragments swallow any errors ...

> I've now gotten to the point where sim_engine_run() is called.  I
> assume this is where I put the actual core simulation?

yes & no.  i think the core of the sim_engine_run loop is best left simple:

sim_engine_run (SIM_DESC sd,
                int next_cpu_nr, /* ignore  */
                int nr_cpus, /* ignore  */  
                int siggnal) /* ignore  */
  SIM_CPU *cpu;


  cpu = STATE_CPU (sd, 0);

  while (1)
      step_once (cpu);
      if (sim_events_tick (sd))
        sim_events_process (sd);

feel free to call "step_once" whatever you want -- there doesn't appear to be 
consistency atm.  but that func is where you'd put all the decode+execute 

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