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Re: GDB Talks at the GNU Cauldron

On Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:27:52 +0100, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> According to the organizers there are three to four talks at the
> Cauldron.  Something that Diego mentioned was the need to coordinate
> talks.  So, who has submitted abstracts, and what are their titles?
> It would be good to plan for this.

There is also one GDB-related submitted abour DWARF compression (posting with
Mark's agreement).

As I posted here before one general Roadmap talk of mine (I do not see any such
other talk here).



Title: Reducing DWARF debuginfo size.
Authors: Cary Coutant <>, Mark Wielaard <>
Abstract: Generating, linking, reading and storing DWARF debuginfo take
significant resources, time and space.  We want to discuss some efforts
that have recently been done to reduce some of that in the compiler,
linker, package manager and tools, like debuggers, that use the DWARF
debug information.  We are interested in discussing efforts that worked,
the various tradeoffs, efforts that didn't produce significant results
and ideas for future DWARF reduction work and/or standardization.

Cary Coutant has been working on the Debug Fission project, DWARF
Extensions for Separate Debug Information Files:

Mark Wielaard has been working on the elfutils project, which contains
the libdw DWARF consumer library that is used by tools like systemtap
and the dwarves tools:


Title: GDB Roadmap
Authors: Jan Kratochvil
Status of missing features, status of features being worked on (known to me).

Which way to keep unused template methods code separate from the code output.
Dynamic types (such as variable length arrays) implementation choices in GDB.

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