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Re: gdb (gdbserver.exe) build problem under msys

Hi, all, I have solved my problem. 

It's quite simple problem due to the Line Ending. 

As some days ago, I updated the MSYSGit to a new version, and then MsysGit by default will convert the Linux LF line ending to Windows CRLF format. (when I used this new MSYSGit to pull from the remote gdb git, the new updated file in my local copy will have CRLF format). So, I found that in the source tree, the file gdb/gdbserver/ has the CRLF format, and this will result a wrong file in the build tree gdb/gdbserver/config.h.

(I have used to run the "config.status --debug" to see whether the awk script works fine to replace macros in

Changing all the related files to LF format solved the problem, and now all was built successfully. 

Sorry, for the inconvenience.

In fact, I have meet such kind of problem one years ago, see: (The problem bite me again today)
See the post of mine on how to solve such problem.

Thank you!

ollydbg from codeblocks' forum

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