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Re: working with split debug files and sectionless ELFs

On Friday 14 October 2011 13:25:08 Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 19:05:46 +0200, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > build-id is a section. my ELF has no sections.  i'm back where i started
> > :).
> build-id is in a note being both a section and a segment.  GDB currently
> reads it as a section but this can be changed.
> Program Headers:
>   Type           Offset   VirtAddr           PhysAddr           FileSiz 
> MemSiz   Flg Align [...]
>   NOTE           0x000254 0x0000000000400254 0x0000000000400254 0x000044
> 0x000044 R   0x4 [...]
> Notes at offset 0x00000274 with length 0x00000024:
>   Owner         Data size       Description
>   GNU           0x00000014      NT_GNU_BUILD_ID (unique build ID bitstring)
> It was designed by Roland McGrath exactly this way so that in all cases of
> debug info stripping build-id remains in the main executable.  Otherwise
> build-id would be useless.

ah, wasn't aware of it also being in the program headers.  yes, i should be 
able to leverage this, once we fix gdb to fall back to the program header when 
the section isn't found.

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