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Re: GIT and CVS

On Friday 14 October 2011 16:57:59 ext Phil Muldoon wrote:
> Andrà PÃnitz <> writes:
> > * "Git sucks on MS-Windows". Git is usable on Windows to a degree that projects
> > much bigger than gdb switched to it, after careful consideration of a lot of
> > alternatives, including commercial offerings. My main work currently is on a
> > smaller cross platform project about 3/4 the "total size" of gdb (including
> > bfd, libiberty,  etc) and this is certainly in a very usable state on Windows.
> That's interesting, is there an active community around GIT there?

I think there's a community around msys. google finds something. I don't 
really know myself as I've never felt the urge to get in to touch with them,
git just works "well enough" for us. It is indeed noticably slower than on
Linux, but that's pretty much the same for SVN, or completely unrelated 
things like compilation with gcc. 

We are also using it in a MinGW based environment, i.e. pretty much in the 
same context as Eli's setup, so I am really not sure why our experiences
differ so much. Perhaps it's really the integration with the emacs VCS interface
that makes the difference here. But then, editor integrations are fixable ;-}


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