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Re: GIT and CVS

> From: Phil Muldoon <>
> Cc: Jan Kratochvil <>,,
> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 16:05:37 +0100
> > You mean, you can pull or merge when you have uncommitted changes?
> git pull
> or
> git fetch/git merge
> If a conflict arises you have to git stash, then do above, then git
> stash pop. Or you can just commit your changes locally.  The choice is
> yours.

With bzr, I have a better choice: resolve the conflicts, and that's
it.  Just like with CVS.  So I think for Mark it would be much easier
to adapt.  Not that I fool myself that I will be able to convince the
others to adopt bzr...

> This is not how things are right now with CVS, but those steps are not
> onerous.

They might well be for someone who is a newcomer to git.  The user
documentation is not exactly favorable to newbies, so you are at the
mercy of tutorials out there on the net, whose quality and accuracy
are questionable, especially with newer git versions making them
outdated quickly enough to cost you quite an amount of trial and

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