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Re: GIT and CVS

> From: André Pönitz <>
> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:35:59 +0200
> * "Git sucks on MS-Windows". Git is usable on Windows

Git _is_ usable on Windows, but it still sucks.  It doesn't integrate
well with a native MinGW environment, I cannot easily invoke it from
the Emacs VC interface, etc.  It's inconvenient.

> * The timing discussion revolves around use cases where git is slower, in
> the single-digit or even fraction-of-a second range. The discussion, however, 
> does not include any use cases reflecting workflows _enabled_ by that 
> "slowness" that are not even remotely feasible in the CVS world. "git bisect"
> comes to mind. Use it _once_ and you have set off a life time's worth of 
> "wasting" half seconds on annotation. Not to mention the branching, 
> merging and rebasing business. 

It goes without saying that a modern dVCS is better than CVS in many
ways.  But switching to a dVCS does not necessarily mean git, there
are alternatives.  For example, bisecting is supported by bzr and
Mercurial as well.

So please don't make it sound like the only 2 choices are CVS and git.

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