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Re: GIT and CVS

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:52:03 +0200, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
>    To name those usually not present on the system:
>    flex bison expat-devel zlib-devel python-devel texinfo
> Only required when having modified files that are used as input for
> generation, I tend to make a tarball with freshly regenerated files
> and push that to the host I wish to test.  So no need for any of that
> on the build platform.

With GIT it is easier to use directly the repository.

Also one has to use GIT locally anyway, I have for example pending 40 GDB
branches here.  Having each in a separate directory would mean about 20GB of
disk space, moreover making cross-branch diffs terribly slow reading+comparing
many GBs of data.  I hope you do not recommend using CVS branches (I used
those...).  It is true I do not know SVN/BZR/etc. branching feasibility.

And when you commit GIT->CVS it took me for the last 12-parts patchser over an
hour, moreover making a mistake breaking the repository by forgotten files:
	Add forgotten gdb/dwarf2-frame-tailcall.c.
	Add forgotten gdb/dwarf2-frame-tailcall.h.
It could be one just `git merge' and `git push'.

>    for testsuite at least:
>    dejagnu gcc-gfortran gcc-java gcc-objc prelink fpc gcc-gnat glibc-static valgrind
> And tcl.

(This is a dependency of dejagnu.)


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