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Re: program spaces vs exec

On Thursday 06 October 2011 19:22:38, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <> writes:
> Pedro> E.g., breakpoints are supposed to reset/resolve after the exec,
> Pedro> and since the breakpoint symbol search scope is currently tied to
> Pedro> a program space, keeping the same program space keeps that
> Pedro> working the same.
> FWIW, I'm changing this.

Yeah, I assumed so.  For watchpoints too though, or just things
with linespecs?

> Pedro>  For exec, I don't have a strong feeling either way, we could say
> Pedro> that there's a new address/program space attached to the
> Pedro> inferior, or we could say that the inferior's address/program
> Pedro> spaces have been refreshed with a new set of pages.  I chose the
> Pedro> latter approach originally.
> I think it would be fine to reset the pretty-printers at this point.

But aren't we already?  We get rid of the executable and all the
shared libraries at this point.

> Pedro> How do pretty-printers from a shared library that unloads go
> Pedro> away?
> Generally they are attached to the objfile.  So, they disappear
> automatically when the objfile is removed.

There must be something more to the issue then.  Both "file foo" or
an exec get rid of the previous executable's symfile_objfile and
create a new one too, so the executable's printers must already be
being removed.

Pedro Alves

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