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Re: gdb backtrace include library as well as symbol name

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Jan> Yes, this is common RFE.  It was discussed in the thread:
Jan> Re: [patch] GDB 7.2: new feature for "backtrace" that cuts
Jan> path to file (remain filename)

Joel> I understood that thread as being something slightly different.
Joel> But what's being asked here is that the name of the exe being
Joel> debugged be printed for symbols in the main exe. This is the only
Joel> time as far as I known when the name of the objfile is not
Joel> printed, so I think that the current output is fine.

I think it would be a decent addition.

What happened to the patch which Jan references?  It also seemed like a
good idea, or at least a good one once minor changes were made.

Joel> There has been a project of decorated backtraces, which allows
Joel> a user to enhance them via Python. Have you looked at this project?
Joel> Not sure if this project made it to the main repository, of if
Joel> it is still only in Archer, though.

Phil is reimplementing this in a better way.


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