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Re: Thread exit error : gdb7.2 in FreeBSD (built from ports)

Please don't top post.

On Wednesday 14 September 2011 18:12:06, Jusctsch wrote:
> Sure, 
> I am running on FreeBSD, and they pull vanilla source and apply their
> patches to it. In addition, I had written a patch on my own which is
> removing an error check in get_current_frame on thread exit and running into
> an issue later on. I'm disregarding the fatal errors in the previous post
> and focusing on the "invalid thread" issue. With just the FreeBSD patches
> applied on gdb7.2, I boot up my application and see the following:
> =thread-created,id="60",group-id="i1"
> ~"[New Thread 803855740 (LWP 100223)]\n"
> *running,thread-id="all"
> =thread-created,id="61",group-id="i1"
> ~"[New Thread 82b055500 (LWP 100235)]\n"
> *running,thread-id="all"
> ~"[Thread 82b055c00 (LWP 100221 FooTask) exited]\n"
> =thread-exited,id="58",group-id="i1"
> &"/tmp/.gdbinit:4: Error in sourced command file:\n"
> &"Invalid selected thread.\n"
> (gdb)

I understand that the whole program exited, and you're getting
that error from withing get_current_frame, right?  Please give
me the most detail as possible so that I don't have to try
to guess things.

Why is GDB calling get_current_frame at all?  Please show the
same but with "set debug infrun 1".  Sounds like a FreeBSD
backend bug.

Pedro Alves

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