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Re: symlink old tarball name to new one

> First, autobuilders such as crosstool-NG or buildroot (but also many
> others) that need to download the gdb sources now choke on the missing
> /legacy/ versions. This is an issue, because existing releases of
> these tools are broken.

We're very sorry about the inconvenience. I discussed the suggestion
of providing symlinks with RMS, and he said that scripts should be
fixed instead. I am only the messenger, so please do not shoot me.
I tend to agree with RMS, but I admit I do not know about all the
scripts out there, and the amount of work that this renaming has

> Second, the new tarballs were created with an 'a' appended to the
> version string, making for example '7.1' being called in fact '7.1a',
> but the directory within those tarballs are still named after the real
> version, in this case '7.1'. So it is not possible to easily derive
> the tarball name from the version string, and then the directory name
> from the tarball name.

This is intentional. This is the exact same GDB version, we just fixed
the sources. The 'a' in the package name is there to indicate that
the problem found in those sources has been addressed.

Note that we provide an md5.sum file on the FTP.


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