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Remote protocol: undocumented return value for 'p'


During the development of a GDB stub, I encountered a "hidden feature": the 'p n' command (reading the value of a register) accepts an undocumented return value, which is not mentioned in the official GDB documentation: 'x'. the source code looks like this:

  /* If this register is unfetchable, tell the regcache.  */
  if (buf[0] == 'x')
      regcache_raw_supply (regcache, reg->regnum, NULL);
      return 1;

At some point during the development of my stub it was important for me to have this 'hidden feature'. Unfortunately, I can't remember why it was important - and now it seems that I don't rely on that anymore... However, at that time, it would have helped me to save some time if I could just read it from the PDF instead of searching it in the code.

The final question is: Is this feature missing in the documentation by 'intention' or by 'mistake'? If it's the latter case, I would suggest adding it. Let me know if I should create an according patch.


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