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Re: Differentiating symbols in multiple copies of shared libraries

>>>>> "Avi" == Avi Gozlan <> writes:

Avi> We did not find a way for GDB to refer to a symbol in a specific
Avi> copy of the object file (other then referring to the specific
Avi> address).

There is currently no way to do this.

Avi> Please note that we need to differentiate between symbols not only
Avi> for defining breakpoints but for other needs such as disassembly,
Avi> backtrace as well.

Avi> Your input regarding this issue will be appreciated.

I think it would be a welcome addition to gdb.

The dbx syntax doesn't seem particular gdb-ish to me, but it would do.
HPD-like syntax along the lines of "" has also been

If you implement this in linespecs, which is the natural approach, then
it will automatically work for disassembly.

For "backtrace", I guess you mean that at least ambiguous symbols should
be printed in this syntax in a backtrace.  I'm sure that is doable as

I am not sure whether anybody is working on this.  At the very least,
please file a bug.


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