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Re: Using telnet to control a running GDB

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Khouzam <> writes:

Jan> [ You should have more experience with async/non-stop/MI than
Jan> me, though.  ]

Marc> We don't always use aync/non-stop in Eclipse.  It is up to the
Marc> user to decide.

Tom> I am curious to know why Eclipse works this way.

Marc> From the discussions I have seen about non-stop, it seems some
Marc> user feel the all-stop mode is more intuitive, while others prefer
Marc> non-stop.

Ok, thanks.

I am usually confused about all the modes that gdb supports.  Your
explanation of non-stop makes sense to me.  This has user-visible
effects and could be "weird", especially if you are used to all-stop.

And, I imagine that the reason for not always using async is just that
it isn't universally supported -- you want to handle older GDB versions,
and even with current GDB I suppose it is not supported by all targets.
Is that the situation?

TBH I think it would be better if we could remove some modes.  For
example, if we could make target-async either the default, or enabled
automatically if the user uses some async command.


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