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Re: Using telnet to control a running GDB

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010 16:24:32 +0100, Marc Khouzam wrote:
> Until that is done, having a telnet session to GDB (if the 
> feature already existed) would have been a workaround for the user.

GDB is feature-complete for such "independent session".

If there is a problem implementing it to Eclipse you can just create
a "tee"-like intermediate server:

Eclipse <-MI-> new-server <-MI-> gdb
console <-MI-or-CLI-+
console <-MI-or-CLI-/

the point is every command sent by new-server -MI-> gdb should finish
immediately due to async/non-stop so any command from "console" can be sent by
new-server -MI-> gdb without any delay.

[ You should have more experience with async/non-stop/MI than me, though.  ]

> Although, it would probably make the frontend out-of-sync,

This happens even with current Eclipse GDB Console, for example by modifying
a variable displayed in the Variables window.

> A simple example would be that I setup a debug session using
> GDB and things are not behaving as I expect.  I call someone
> to help me look at it.  That person would be able to remotely
> connect to my running instance of GDB and start controlling it,
> instead of tell me to 'try this command', 'try that command'.

TBH isn't a VNC session to the full Eclipse GUI more suitable?


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