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Issue with gdbserver

Hello all,

I am working on improvement of one modified version of GDB. I would
like to ask you if you could just give me idea what things could be
wrong in following scenario:

When a user does "target remote", GDB after connection to gdbserver
prints out value of PC register. Now, in my case, I get several kinds
of values (in different cases), two of those are expected and correct.
When I get "correct" (expected) values, the rest of the debugging
session goes OK. But when I get some awkward values, GDB doesn't stop
on breakpoint although the rest of process of downloading code etc.
looks ok. After the download of code, I always check for the PC value
and it's always correct (no matter what the starting value of PC was.
When I say starting, I mean the address right after the user's "target
remote").  I've even tried to do several "stepi" commands in the
begging of the debug session, and in both of the sessions (when the PC
starting value is correct and when it's not) it looks OK. So, it looks
that processor behaves same, but when the PC value right after "target
remote" is not correct, then it will not stop on breakpoint.

My question is just does anyone have some general idea what could be
wrong? I know that people do not support this version of GDB on
mailing list, but I am not asking for the GDB support, I am just
trying to figure out my debugger (and improve it) and was hoping that
some more experienced people like you would have some rough idea...

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

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