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i686-pc-mingw32 gdb: note executable format


I'm having an issue using gdb and I'm trying to track down the root cause 
of it. When debugging some executable files under this platform, gdb has 
trouble debugging certain executable formats. For example, try loading 
gdb notepad.exe under windows 7. gdb will give an error message:

  not in executable format: File format not recognized

Similarly, executables compiled and linked with digital mars C++ tools 
have the same problems as well as borland object files that are linked 
with the unilinker.exe. The demo program from pelib also fails to load 
under gdb. All in these cases gdb issues the same error message.

The error message of course doesn't make any sense, how could the binary 
not be a valid executable format?? The windows loader certainly has no 
issues loading and running it. Other debuggers and disassemblies have no 
problems opening/attaching to it.

On a similar note, using objdump on those above cases gives a similar 

  File format not recognized

Any ideas what the issue might be? Note that in all cases I've checked to 
make sure I was't mixing 64-bit executes with 32-bit gdb and visa versa. 
I have a feeling it's probably an issue with binutils bfd.


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