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Re: [gdb-7.1] 10 days to branching...

> |       sym_arr[i1] = lookup_symbol_in_language (phys_name,
> |                                    NULL, FUNCTIONS_DOMAIN,
> |                                    language,
> |                                    (int *) NULL);
> | -      if (sym_arr[i1])
> | +      /* See PR10966.  Remove check on symbol domain and class when
> | +         we stop using (bad) linkage names on constructors.  */
> | +      if (sym_arr[i1] && (SYMBOL_DOMAIN (sym_arr[i1]) == VAR_DOMAIN
> | +                          && SYMBOL_CLASS (sym_arr[i1]) == LOC_BLOCK))
> |         i1++;

Tested with no regression on my end. Regarding my C++ compiler quality,
I looked at gdb.sum, and I have 32 KFAILs and 20 FAILs in gdb.cp.
However, upon further testing, it appears that the patches does not
have the desired effect (or I applied it at the wrong location?):

    (gdb) b Foo::Foo
    the class Foo does not have any method named Foo
    Hint: try 'Foo::Foo<TAB> or 'Foo::Foo<ESC-?>
    (Note leading single quote.)
    Make breakpoint pending on future shared library load? (y or [n]) n


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