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Re: cross debug glibc loader problem

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:09 AM, Amker.Cheng <> wrote:
> Hi all:
> ?I am trying to debug glibc loader, e.g.
> I am following instructions at
> the only difference is the cross debugging by running gdbserver from a
> mips simulator.
> the start up command is :
> ------------------------------
> EGLIBC=/home/user/working-dir/eglibc-test/build/glibc
> mipsel-linux-gnu-gdbserver --debug \
> $EGLIBC/elf/
> "--library-path
> $EGLIBC/math:\
> $EGLIBC/elf:\
> $EGLIBC/dlfcn:\
> $EGLIBC/nss:\
> $EGLIBC/nis:\
> $EGLIBC/rt:\
> $EGLIBC/resolv:\
> $EGLIBC/crypt:\
> $EGLIBC/nptl \
> $EGLIBC/string/tester
> then I trying to connect gdbserver in gdb command line by :
> target remote
> strangely, gdb complains that it :"Cannot access memory at address 0x32a14".
> I have totally no idea about this question, so please help and any
> tips will be appreciated.
> Thanks very much.
> the remote log file is attached, hoping helpful:

I would try it out with gdb from cvs, and if that doesn't work
investigate Jan Kratochvil's recent PIE: series of threads on the
gdb-patches list (at least some of which have been integrated), as I
am lead to believe from the first thread in the series that those
patches covered debugging

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