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Re: [gdb-7.1] 10 days to branching...

>>>>> "cgf" == Christopher Faylor <> writes:

cgf> Any possibility that you can confirm whether this is a windows-only
cgf> problem?

cgf> I think the only way to do that is to provide a test case.

It is not Windows-specific.  I reproduced it with a c++ program on my
x86 F11 box.

The program comes from PR 9032:

    #include <stdio.h>
    class InstSelection {
      InstSelection(double d) {
      virtual ~InstSelection(void);
      void dump(void);


    void InstSelection::dump(void)
      printf("InstSelection::dump here\n");

    int main(void)
      InstSelection *is = new InstSelection(17.0);
      delete is; is = 0;
      return 0;

I compiled it with the system g++, then ran CVS head gdb on the
executable.  Finally:

(gdb) b InstSelection::InstSelection
../../src/gdb/breakpoint.c:4962: internal-error: set_raw_breakpoint: Assertion `sal.pspace != NULL' failed.

The sal causing the problem in set_raw_breakpoint:

(top-gdb) p sal
$10 = {
  pspace = 0x0, 
  symtab = 0x0, 
  section = 0x0, 
  line = 0, 
  pc = 0, 
  end = 0, 
  explicit_pc = 0, 
  explicit_line = 0

That seems odd.


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