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Re: when is gdb 6.9 being released?

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 7:41 PM, Joel Brobecker<> wrote:
>> Can I suggest that a day be picked and announced at least two weeks in
>> advance, so that folks with things they want in have some amount of
>> time to finish the work.
> My 2 cents on this (others may disagree): I think we've delayed the
> release enough that we should not add any additional delay. We have
> identified a list of issues that we want to fix before branching, and
> I suggest that we should feel free to branch as soon as these items are
> resolved. Anything extra should not delay the 7.0 release. We can
> certainly discuss individual contributions and decide whether they
> should be made part of the 7.0 release, but anything else can wait for
> the next release cycle, which we can make as early after 7.0 as we want.

I don't understand.  I wasn't asking for any delay, per se.
You said "back in a week or two", and "cut the branch mid september".
That's ~2 weeks away (that's, in part, why I picked two weeks).

I'd just like to see the community get a definitive date to set
expectations and help folks schedule their time (for those that it
would help).

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