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Re: gdb reverse execution: how to actually run tests for it?

Jakob Engblom wrote:
Pedro> For the generic reverse execution tests --- reverse step, reverse
Pedro> next, reverse continue, run to breakpoint in reverse, etc., etc.,
Pedro> I'd must prefer that we would get rid of the need for board files
Pedro> at all.  :-)

Pedro> 1. for native targets, the only reverse solution we currently support
Pedro> precord. I can't see why we can't default to testing the reverse
Pedro> with precord then.

I agree.

If the tests aren't enabled by default on some common platforms and thus
run as a regular part of testing, you can be sure there will be
regressions here.

So the question here is: who will deal with removing the board file dependency? I don't think we and our consultants doing the work for us are competent enough...

So is it OK if we submit a kit of tests which are structured in the same way as
the current reverse tests? Then we can deal with upgrading the tests later, once
the board file requirements has been fixed?

I think that would be great.

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