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Re: sync toplevel between GCC and src

Hi Ralf,

The merge of toplevel synced files from GCC to src
still doesn't have one small nod that I would like from a src maintainer:

  ** adding target-newlib to noconfigdirs for powerpc-*-aix* and

This is OK.

** adding target-libgloss to noconfigdirs for sh*-*-elf,

Also OK.

- the files move from GPLv2 to GPLv3 header.  Is that a problem for
  anything in src?

Not at all. In fact it is a good thing.

- in Makefile.tpl, there are new settings for CXX and CXX_FOR_BUILD in
  POSTSTAGE1_HOST_EXPORTS, that might be responsible for
  <>, and I would hate
  to just propagate this bug to src if it can be avoided.

Hmm, I see what you mean. Really we need some extra logic in the definition of POSTSTAGE1_HOST_EXPORTS so that CXX and CXX_FOR_BUILD are only defined if they were created in stage1. Not being an autogen export I am not sure how easy this is to do.

My feeling though is that it is better to have the top level files in sync, even if it does mean propagating this bug, as there is a workaround (configuring with --enable-stage1-languages=c,c++).


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