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Re: [PATCH 4/N] The big bump

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009, Dave Korn wrote:

>   Looking at the toplevel of/src, there are no changes to blt/, cgen/, cpu/,
> dejagnu/, elfcpp/, expat/, expect/, itcl/, iwidgets/, libgloss/, libgui/,
> mmalloc/, newlib/, rda/, sid/, tcl/, texinfo/, tix/, tk/, utils/ and winsup/.
>  Are these all unaffected or are some of them liable to need updates too?

Some of these do not exist on HEAD; they only have files in the Attic.  
Others do not have auto* source or generated files in them.  So the 
potentially active set that may need updates is reduced to cgen/ itcl/ 
libgloss/ libgui/ newlib/ rda/ sid/ tcl/ tk/ utils/ winsup/.  At least 
tcl/ and tk/ are imports of pretty old upstream versions (itcl/ also looks 
like an import from upstream) and it would be good if they too could be 
removed from HEAD as various other imports of upstream-maintained tools 
(DejaGnu, Expect etc.) have been over time.

I think cgen/ libgloss/ libgui/ newlib/ rda/ sid/ utils/ winsup/ actually 
live in the src repository as their main home.

Joseph S. Myers

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