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Re: [PATCH 4/N] The big bump

Ralf Wildenhues wrote:

  Hi Ralf,

>> - Bump Autoconf version to 2.64 in override.m4, and regenerate the
>>   world with 2.64 and Automake 1.11,

> --- a/config/override.m4
> +++ b/config/override.m4

> -  [m4_define([_GCC_AUTOCONF_VERSION], [2.59])])
> +  [m4_define([_GCC_AUTOCONF_VERSION], [2.64])])

> src:
> config/ChangeLog: intl/ChangeLog: libdecnumber/ChangeLog: etc/ChangeLog: 
> sim/common/ChangeLog: sim/iq2000/ChangeLog: sim/d10v/ChangeLog: 
> sim/igen/ChangeLog: sim/m32r/ChangeLog: sim/frv/ChangeLog: sim/ChangeLog: 
> sim/h8300/ChangeLog: sim/mn10300/ChangeLog: sim/ppc/ChangeLog: 
> sim/erc32/ChangeLog: sim/arm/ChangeLog: sim/m68hc11/ChangeLog: 
> sim/lm32/ChangeLog: sim/sh64/ChangeLog: sim/v850/ChangeLog: 
> sim/cr16/ChangeLog: sim/moxie/ChangeLog: sim/m32c/ChangeLog: 
> sim/mips/ChangeLog: sim/mcore/ChangeLog: sim/testsuite/d10v-elf/ChangeLog: 
> sim/testsuite/ChangeLog: sim/testsuite/frv-elf/ChangeLog: 
> sim/testsuite/m32r-elf/ChangeLog: sim/testsuite/mips64el-elf/ChangeLog: 
> sim/sh/ChangeLog: gold/ChangeLog: gprof/ChangeLog: libiberty/ChangeLog: 
> ChangeLog: opcodes/ChangeLog: readline/examples/rlfe/ChangeLog: 
> gas/ChangeLog: ld/ChangeLog: gdb/ChangeLog: gdb/doc/ChangeLog: 
> gdb/gdbserver/ChangeLog: gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog: binutils/ChangeLog: 
> bfd/ChangeLog: bfd/doc/ChangeLog: readline/ChangeLog.gdb:

  Looking at the toplevel of/src, there are no changes to blt/, cgen/, cpu/,
dejagnu/, elfcpp/, expat/, expect/, itcl/, iwidgets/, libgloss/, libgui/,
mmalloc/, newlib/, rda/, sid/, tcl/, texinfo/, tix/, tk/, utils/ and winsup/.
 Are these all unaffected or are some of them liable to need updates too?


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