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Call for Participation, HelloGcc Workshop 2009

Hi guys,

Sorry to disturb you.
This mail is about a gnu toolchain workshop in October in Beijing.  If
you don't interest it.  Please ignore this mail.

HelloGcc Workshop 2009 is planed to be hold in October in Beijing. The
workshop focuses on the topics of GNU Toolchain technology and the
goal is to improve the communication and cooperation in GNU Toolchain
field. The detailed schedule will be published soon. If you are
interested in it , please join us.

Topics of interest

Any issue related to GNU Toolchain, such as

    * Toolchain porting
    * Performance analysis and optimization
    * Development on gcc
    * Development on binutils
    * Development on gdb


Paper (or Slides) should be original and may be published or submitted
for publication elsewhere. Either English or Chinese is acceptable.
The speech should be controlled within 20~30 minutes. Paper (or
Slides) will be refereed by the program committee and if the authors
wish, will be made available on the workshop web site.

    * Final deadline for submission: September 10, 2009
    * Please send email to joefoxreal AT or teawater AT


    * Welcom to provide sponsorship can get more message
about this workshop.

BTW, the autumn of Beijing is very beautiful.  It have blue sky, write
clouds and golden leaves.  The people must enjoy it.  :)


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