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Re: [7.0] PR/9174: gdb can't handle PIE

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> I just removed my name from the task in the subject in the wiki
Thiago> page for GDB 7.0. The task consists of taking one of the two
Thiago> "competing" patches which implement PIE support and herding it
Thiago> upstream, or implementing a third patch.

Thiago> I won't work on either of the options, so I'm pinging the list
Thiago> to see if anyone is interested in picking up the task... If such
Thiago> a person exists and thinks they can get the jobe done even
Thiago> before 7.0 goes out, then I wouldn't even need to work on my PIE
Thiago> warning thing. :-)

Just FYI -- it is unlikely that anybody here at Red Hat will clean up
our patch in the 7.0 timeframe.  If someone else wants to do it, I would
support that.

In case it helps ease the pain, on my to-do list for the next round of
Archer tasks is clearing out our patch backlog.  We have way too many
patches in the SRPM; and really only one or two of those are unsuitable
for gdb CVS.


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