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About remote target AF_UNIX socket addition ?

Hello !

  The target command allows remote stub access through TCP sockets.
  Could it be extended to local unix domain (AF_UNIX) sockets as well ?

  gdb> target remote | some_stub_target                  /* existing  */
  gdb> target remote tcp:host:ip_port_number             /* existing  */
  gdb> target remote unix:local_filesystem_port_name     /* suggested */

  Typical usage :
  + a set of users perform debugging on a shared POSIX server
  + each user execute gdb and a target (a processor simulator, for instance),
both on the local server
  + the target stub does not offer the remote pipe connection method,
but allows socket connections.

  Each user has to be allocated a private port name in order to bind its 
gdb with its target. It is easier to do in the AF_UNIX local 
filesystem naming space than in the gloabl TCP/IP port numbering space.

Best regards 
Ph. Waille
Philippe WAILLE                            email :
IMAG ID (Informatique et distribution)       Tel :    04 76 61 20 13
ENSIMAG - antenne de Montbonnot          Foreign :  33 4 76 61 20 13
INOVALLEE					     Fax :    04 76 61 20 99
51, avenue Jean Kuntzmann

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