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Help with Code in Multiple Directories

I'm trying to get started with GDB but am having great trouble. I have a
fairly complicated program with code spread out over several directories and
GDB is refusing to recognize that I have any source at all. I have also
tried GDB on a hello world program and in that case it worked. To specify
the directory structure, I have:
.../UnixBuild/         which contains the make file and the executable
.../HysteresisFiles/      which contains most of the source
.../Console/              which contains the rest

i go into the konsole, go into UnixBuild and run gdb. Then I enter in the
commands "directory .../HysteresisFiles/" and then "directory .../Console/"
(at this point I should probably clarify that ... stands for the base
directory that I am typing in in full). Then I type "file HysteresisConsole"
which is the name of my executable. It loads fine and I am able to run it.
However when I type in a command like "list sourcecodename:5" it does not
find the source code regardless of which file name I insert for
sourcecodename. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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