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Re: GDB ARIndex cleanup

> From: "Pierre Muller" <>
> Cc: <>, "'Eli Zaretskii'" <>
> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:09:49 +0100
> 2) GNU/Linux issues.
>   This is more difficult for me to fix, as
> the difference between "Linux kernel" and "GNU/Linux system" 
> is still kind of fuzzy...
>   Could someone else look into those issues?

Can you publish the list of files where this issue arises?  Are the
files you mentioned in this mail the only ones?

> 3) I also recompiled doschk program 
> so that the list of incompatibilities with 
> the DOS limitations is generated again...
> Eli, there are probably several directories that we could
> disregard for this, but I think that 
> there are also real issues left.

There shouldn't be any.  But to see that, you need to prepare a GDB
tarball, then untar it using djunpack.bat as explained in
gdb/config/djgpp/README, and _then_ run doschk on the resulting tree.
That's because the file-name conflicts are supposed to be solved by
remapping in gdb/config/djgpp/fnchange.lst, which djunpack.bat uses.

> Here is a list of Linux detected problems:

They can all stay "Linux", except for this one:

> lines 39,43p gdb/ppc-linux-tdep.h
> int ppc_linux_trap_reg_p (struct gdbarch *gdbarch);
> /* Linux target descriptions.  */
> extern struct target_desc *tdesc_powerpc_32l;
> extern struct target_desc *tdesc_powerpc_altivec32l;

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