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Re: Problem on cygwin with new wchar_t printing support via iconv()

On Wednesday 25 March 2009 15:13:57, Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 March 2009 08:57:18, Roland Schwingel wrote:
> >  > If you have a small test case, I will try to reproduce it with a
> >  > libiconv-based build here.  I suspect, though, that it is
> >  > Windows-specific.
> Nope, it's iconv specific.
> > FAIL: gdb.base/charset.exp: print string in IBM1047
>  set target-charset IBM1047
>  Undefined item: "IBM1047".
>  (gdb) PASS: gdb.base/charset.exp: try `set target-charset IBM1047'
> These should be detected and marked "unsupported", so the next test:
>  show charset
>  The host character set is "ASCII".
>  The target character set is "ISO-8859-1".
>  The target wide character set is "UCS-4".
>  (gdb) PASS: gdb.base/charset.exp: parse `show charset' after `set target-charset IBM1047'
>  FAIL: gdb.base/charset.exp: check effect of `set target-charset IBM1047'
> ... is skipped ?

I see in charset.exp:

# We don't want to test all the charset names here, since that would
# be too many combinations.  We we pick a subset.
set charset_subset {ASCII ISO-8859-1 EBCDIC-US IBM1047}

The "unsupported" detection addition still holds, but, in case another subset
is in order, here's the output of "set target-wide-charset <tab><tab>"

437                                            ISO-8859-4
850                                            ISO-8859-5
852                                            ISO-8859-6
855                                            ISO-8859-7
857                                            ISO-8859-8
860                                            ISO-8859-9
861                                            ISO-CELTIC
862                                            ISO-IR-100
863                                            ISO-IR-101
865                                            ISO-IR-109
866                                            ISO-IR-110
869                                            ISO-IR-126
ANSI_X3.4-1968                                 ISO-IR-127
ANSI_X3.4-1986                                 ISO-IR-138
ARABIC                                         ISO-IR-14
ARMSCII-8                                      ISO-IR-144
ASCII                                          ISO-IR-148
ASMO-708                                       ISO-IR-149
ATARI                                          ISO-IR-157
ATARIST                                        ISO-IR-159
BIG-5                                          ISO-IR-165
BIG-FIVE                                       ISO-IR-166
BIG5                                           ISO-IR-179
BIG5-2003                                      ISO-IR-199
BIG5-HKSCS                                     ISO-IR-203
BIG5-HKSCS:1999                                ISO-IR-226
BIG5-HKSCS:2001                                ISO-IR-230
BIG5-HKSCS:2004                                ISO-IR-57
BIG5HKSCS                                      ISO-IR-58
BIGFIVE                                        ISO-IR-6
C99                                            ISO-IR-87
CHINESE                                        ISO646-CN
CN                                             ISO646-JP
CN-BIG5                                        ISO646-US
CN-GB                                          ISO8859-1
CN-GB-ISOIR165                                 ISO8859-10
CP-GR                                          ISO8859-11
CP-IS                                          ISO8859-13
CP1046                                         ISO8859-14
CP1124                                         ISO8859-15
CP1125                                         ISO8859-16
CP1129                                         ISO8859-2
CP1133                                         ISO8859-3
CP1161                                         ISO8859-4
CP1162                                         ISO8859-5
CP1163                                         ISO8859-6
CP1250                                         ISO8859-7
CP1251                                         ISO8859-8
CP1252                                         ISO8859-9
CP1253                                         ISO_646.IRV:1991
CP1254                                         ISO_8859-1
CP1255                                         ISO_8859-10
CP1256                                         ISO_8859-10:1992
CP1257                                         ISO_8859-11
CP1258                                         ISO_8859-13
CP1361                                         ISO_8859-14
CP154                                          ISO_8859-14:1998
CP367                                          ISO_8859-15
CP437                                          ISO_8859-15:1998
CP737                                          ISO_8859-16
CP775                                          ISO_8859-16:2001
CP819                                          ISO_8859-1:1987
CP850                                          ISO_8859-2
CP852                                          ISO_8859-2:1987
CP853                                          ISO_8859-3
CP855                                          ISO_8859-3:1988
CP856                                          ISO_8859-4
CP857                                          ISO_8859-4:1988
CP858                                          ISO_8859-5
CP860                                          ISO_8859-5:1988
CP861                                          ISO_8859-6
CP862                                          ISO_8859-6:1987
CP863                                          ISO_8859-7
CP864                                          ISO_8859-7:1987
CP865                                          ISO_8859-7:2003
CP866                                          ISO_8859-8
CP869                                          ISO_8859-8:1988
CP874                                          ISO_8859-9
CP922                                          ISO_8859-9:1989
CP932                                          JAVA
CP936                                          JIS0208
CP943                                          JISX0201-1976
CP949                                          JIS_C6220-1969-RO
CP950                                          JIS_C6226-1983
CSASCII                                        JIS_X0201
CSBIG5                                         JIS_X0208
CSEUCKR                                        JIS_X0208-1983
CSEUCPKDFMTJAPANESE                            JIS_X0208-1990
CSEUCTW                                        JIS_X0212
CSGB2312                                       JIS_X0212-1990
CSHALFWIDTHKATAKANA                            JIS_X0212.1990-0
CSHPROMAN8                                     JOHAB
CSIBM1161                                      JP
CSIBM1162                                      KOI8-R
CSIBM1163                                      KOI8-RU
CSIBM855                                       KOI8-T
CSIBM857                                       KOI8-U
CSIBM860                                       KOREAN
CSIBM861                                       KSC_5601
CSIBM863                                       KS_C_5601-1987
CSIBM864                                       KS_C_5601-1989
CSIBM865                                       KZ-1048
CSIBM866                                       L1
CSIBM869                                       L10
CSISO14JISC6220RO                              L2
CSISO159JISX02121990                           L3
CSISO2022CN                                    L4
CSISO2022JP                                    L5
CSISO2022JP2                                   L6
CSISO2022KR                                    L7
CSISO57GB1988                                  L8
CSISO58GB231280                                LATIN-9
CSISO87JISX0208                                LATIN1
CSISOLATIN1                                    LATIN10
CSISOLATIN2                                    LATIN2
CSISOLATIN3                                    LATIN3
CSISOLATIN4                                    LATIN4
CSISOLATIN5                                    LATIN5
CSISOLATIN6                                    LATIN6
CSISOLATINARABIC                               LATIN7
CSISOLATINCYRILLIC                             LATIN8
CSISOLATINGREEK                                MAC
CSISOLATINHEBREW                               MACARABIC
CSKOI8R                                        MACCENTRALEUROPE
CSKSC56011987                                  MACCROATIAN
CSKZ1048                                       MACCYRILLIC
CSMACINTOSH                                    MACGREEK
CSPC775BALTIC                                  MACHEBREW
CSPC850MULTILINGUAL                            MACICELAND
CSPC862LATINHEBREW                             MACINTOSH
CSPC8CODEPAGE437                               MACROMAN
CSPCP852                                       MACROMANIA
CSPTCP154                                      MACTHAI
CSSHIFTJIS                                     MACTURKISH
CSUCS4                                         MACUKRAINE
CSUNICODE                                      MS-ANSI
CSUNICODE11                                    MS-ARAB
CSUNICODE11UTF7                                MS-CYRL
CSVISCII                                       MS-EE
CYRILLIC                                       MS-GREEK
CYRILLIC-ASIAN                                 MS-HEBR
DEC-HANYU                                      MS-TURK
DEC-KANJI                                      MS936
ECMA-114                                       MS_KANJI
ECMA-118                                       MULELAO-1
ELOT_928                                       NEXTSTEP
EUC-CN                                         PT154
EUC-JISX0213                                   PTCP154
EUC-JP                                         R8
EUC-KR                                         RISCOS-LATIN1
EUC-TW                                         RK1048
EUCCN                                          ROMAN8
EUCJP                                          SHIFT-JIS
EUCKR                                          SHIFT_JIS
EUCTW                                          SHIFT_JISX0213
GB18030                                        STRK1048-2002
GB2312                                         TCVN
GBK                                            TCVN-5712
GB_1988-80                                     TCVN5712-1
GB_2312-80                                     TCVN5712-1:1993
GEORGIAN-ACADEMY                               TDS565
GEORGIAN-PS                                    TIS-620
GREEK                                          TIS620
GREEK8                                         TIS620-0
HEBREW                                         TIS620.2529-1
HP-ROMAN8                                      TIS620.2533-0
HZ                                             TIS620.2533-1
HZ-GB-2312                                     UCS-2
IBM-1161                                       UCS-2-INTERNAL
IBM-1162                                       UCS-2-SWAPPED
IBM-1163                                       UCS-2BE
IBM-CP1133                                     UCS-2LE
IBM1161                                        UCS-4
IBM1162                                        UCS-4-INTERNAL
IBM1163                                        UCS-4-SWAPPED
IBM367                                         UCS-4BE
IBM437                                         UCS-4LE
IBM775                                         UHC
IBM819                                         UNICODE-1-1
IBM850                                         UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7
IBM852                                         UNICODEBIG
IBM855                                         UNICODELITTLE
IBM857                                         US
IBM860                                         US-ASCII
IBM861                                         UTF-16
IBM862                                         UTF-16BE
IBM863                                         UTF-16LE
IBM864                                         UTF-32
IBM865                                         UTF-32BE
IBM866                                         UTF-32LE
IBM869                                         UTF-7
ISO-10646-UCS-2                                UTF-8
ISO-10646-UCS-4                                VISCII
ISO-2022-CN                                    VISCII1.1-1
ISO-2022-CN-EXT                                WINBALTRIM
ISO-2022-JP                                    WINDOWS-1250
ISO-2022-JP-1                                  WINDOWS-1251
ISO-2022-JP-2                                  WINDOWS-1252
ISO-2022-JP-3                                  WINDOWS-1253
ISO-2022-KR                                    WINDOWS-1254
ISO-8859-1                                     WINDOWS-1255
ISO-8859-10                                    WINDOWS-1256
ISO-8859-11                                    WINDOWS-1257
ISO-8859-13                                    WINDOWS-1258
ISO-8859-14                                    WINDOWS-874
ISO-8859-15                                    WINDOWS-936
ISO-8859-16                                    X0201
ISO-8859-2                                     X0208
ISO-8859-3                                     X0212

Pedro Alves

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