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Re: GDB's application for the GSoC

2009/3/18 Joel Brobecker <>:
>> As it turns out, we were not accepted. :-(
> That's too bad. Did they give a reason?

No, they didn't. I don't think they will, so we can only speculate.

> Or was it too many applications and not enough grants?

They always have that situation I think, so there's some selection
that has to happen. In the 2009 FAQ they say:

"We expect slightly fewer organizations to take part in 2009, as we've
capped the number of student participants at 1,000."

So the bar this year was higher. Also, they have a "Notes on
Organizations Selection Criteria" page [1], and its first bullet says:

"1) Have you been in GSoC before and done well?  We want to make sure
that all of our students have a good experience, and an established
track record of success is a great indicator for the future.  Keep in
mind, though, we vary the mix somewhat each year regardless of how
well an organization did in the past. We may vary it even more broadly
in the future."

So I believe we started with a disadvantage compared to other
projects, since most major free software projects have been in the
summer of code in the past...
Thiago Jung Bauermann


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