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Re: [RFC] stepping over permanent breakpoint

Pedro Alves wrote:

Not all architectures that run linux need PC adjustment. You're thinking x86-linux. Anyway, I meant that you're breaking setting a user breakpoint on top of a permanent breakpoint. Try setting a breakpoint with "break *int3_addr", on top of that int3, and running to it. When it is hit, you're moving the PC passed it, so later calls to bpstat_stop_status like:

      /* See if there is a breakpoint at the current PC.  */
      ecs->event_thread->stop_bpstat = bpstat_stop_status (stop_pc, ecs->ptid);

... will not see the permanent breakpoint, right?

Hmm... very interesting. I am not seeing what you suggest (it works for me) but by looking at the code, I don't understand why - I agree it should be broken as you say, but for some reason it isn't. I will have to look into this a bit more (I am working in gdb 6.7).

Mark's point about considering a trap instruction as a normal instruction is valid, so I'm not sure if we'd want to do this skipping by default or not. I'll let you guys fight over it. :-)

Other than wanting to make gdb on qnx work, I have no strong feelings about one way or the other... It was a thought.

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