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Re: google summer of code

Hi thiago,

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 14:27, Thiago Jung Bauermann <> wrote:
> Hi teawater,
> El vie, 27-02-2009 a las 10:27 +0800, teawater escribió:
>> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 22:25, Thiago Jung Bauermann
>> <> wrote:
>> > Some that may be worth considering for this:
>> >
>> > 1. Help with Python scripting support;
>> It must can make a lot of people interested in. ?When I told about gdb
>> in some place, must have a lot of people ask me if gdb support python
>> or not. ?:)
> That's awesome!
>> > 2. Help with reversible debugging (not sure if teawater and Michael need
>> > a helping hand there);
>> I am not very clear the GSOC want student get .
>> But maybe we can let these students do some test with reverse debug
>> and precord, ?of course write some testsuite is better. :)
>> They can not only test reverse debug with precord, but also test
>> reverse debug with some remote-stub that support reverse-debug (For
>> example, vmware and Simics. Maybe we need help from Jakob and
>> Michael.)
>> I think it will help gdb reverse debug very much. :)
> So if I understood what you said, you think a GSoC student could write
> testcases for the reversible debugging feature? Would you (or Michael
> Snyder, perhaps) be willing to mentor someone working on this activity?

I am not sure the student can write it or not.  Actually, I don't have
experience with it. :(  My testsuite is written by Michael.
So maybe Michael can be the mentor.  But I didn't get his mail a long
time.  I am not sure he can answer us or not.

And maybe we can just let the student test reverse debug with hand.
Or let a people that have experience on write testsuite to be the
mentor.  If he doesn't have the experience on reverse debug, I can
help him.


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