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Re: GDB application for the Google Summer of Code 2009

Hi Joel,

El jue, 05-03-2009 a las 10:59 -0800, Joel Brobecker escribiÃ:
> >
> I had a look at the page. Looks fine for the questions you answered.
> No comment on the FIXMEs. I'm not sure what they mean about the
> "backup organization adminstrator"...

"An organization administrator oversees the overall progress of a
mentoring organization and its students throughout the program.
Organization administrators will have different responsibilities
depending on the organization, but at the very least they will need to:

     1. Submit the organization's program application to Google; 
     2. Act as the main point of contact between Google and the
     3. Respond to any inquiries from Google within 48 hours; 
     4. Assign a backup mentor should a mentor be unable to work with a
     5. Ensure all program evaluations are completed on time, on or
        before the deadlines."

So we need to have one of those, and one as backup in case the
administrator has to step down for some reason.

Now is a good time to discuss who should have this role. For Google, it
could be anyone. But maybe in the GDB-side you want someone who is a
global maintainer, for instance? If not, I can volunteer.

> >
> A couple of suggestions:
>   - I think we should mention the reverse debugging project only
>     it teawater is willing to get involved, if not mentor someone.
>     Do we expect this to be a large project? Doesn't feel like it.
>     Perhaps this should be included as part of the "bug-squashing-fest"
>     idea?

Indeed. I moved it under the bug-squashing fest. If teawater or Michael
won't be able to mentor, I'll remove it.

>   - For the "fix bugs in bugzilla" idea, perhaps we should include
>     a few examples of issues that we'd like to work on. It doesn't
>     have to be bugs, it could be code cleanup, etc.  I think some
>     examples might help create interest.

Good idea. I did just that now.

Thanks for your input!
Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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