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Re: Support pipes in the run command.

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

>> Tom Tromey told me that redirecting output was already implemented in
>> gdb. So what were you meaning in this e-mail?

Thiago> We do have redirection, but not pipe support, i.e., having output come
Thiago> from another command, not a file. But perhaps what he means is that
Thiago> since we have redirection, lack of pipe support can be worked around by
Thiago> redirecting the output of the first command in the pipe to a file, and
Thiago> then debug your program reading from that file.

We had a small miscommunication, because on irc he pointed me at an
old thread about redirecting gdb's output -- for which we have
"set logging".

With multiple inferiors I think we could extend the run command in a
few ways.  First, let it support multiple commands in pipeline, as you
suggest.  Second, give gdb a way to run a shell script and have it
trace the shell and all child processes.  (I've long wanted this so I
can just run the wrapper scripts that libtool generates in a build

I have little idea whether either of these is doable in a summer.


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