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Re: Discussing the next GDB release (GDB 7.0?)

Jakob Engblom wrote:
For what its worth, I can't speak to the level of criticality of
process record and replay, but we would really like to see this in
the 7.0 release.

I am almost ready with the Eclipse support for it (I manually
applied the patches to GDB) and plan on doing a demo at EclipseCon.
From what I was told, reverse debugging generates a lot of interest
in people and would be a great addition to GDB.

Great work on the whole Reverse Debugging feature and
Process Record and Replay!

I wonder if record/replay and reverse debugging are one and the same feature from the perspective of inclusion in gdb 7.0? It seems so from the above? Logically, they can be separated into at least five parts:

* revexec support in gdb-serial

* reveexec support in MI

* revexec support in the gdb kernel

* record/replay as one way to effect revexec for the case of

* revexec from external sources, such as VMWare, Simics, and other simulators

Which parts of these are currently under consideration for inclusion in the
first 7.0 release?

The first three are already in (except I'm a little fuzzy about the state of MI). Oh, and by the way (Eli and Joel), I owe you a NEWS entry.

The fourth (process record/replay) is what's currently on the table
for discussion.

The fifth bullet item (reverse exec from external sources such as
VMware, Virtutech etc). doesn't require any approval or action on
the part of the gdb maintainers, unless it uncovers a bug or problem
in the gdb parts.  Y'all (including me) can just go to town!  ;-)

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