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Re: Discussing the next GDB release (GDB 7.0?)

Marc Khouzam wrote:
From: Joel Brobecker
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 10:40 PM

Do we need process record and replay in 7.0 release?
It's in submit process.
And catch syscall? I think it hang too.
Neither of these features seem critical to me, but that's only
a personal opinion. As GDB Maintainer, I think of my role as being
the technician that implements the recommendations of the GDB
Maintainers. If the maintainers think this is critical, then
I'll add them to the list as blocking for the release.

That being said, this does not mean that they will not make it
for the release. If they get checked in before we branch, then
they're in...

For what its worth, I can't speak to the level of criticality of process record and replay, but we would really like to see this in the 7.0 release.


I am almost ready with the Eclipse support for it (I manually applied the patches to GDB) and plan on doing a demo at EclipseCon. From what I was told, reverse debugging generates a lot of interest in people and would be a great addition to GDB.

Ditto. Last year I gave a talk about being a GDB maintainer at the Silicon Valley Linux User's Group, and the entire Q&A period was taken up by "When can we get this reverse debugging of which you speak?"

Great work on the whole Reverse Debugging feature and Process Record and Replay!


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