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Re: Discussing the next GDB release (GDB 7.0?)

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 02:25, Jakob Engblom <> wrote:
>> For what its worth, I can't speak to the level of criticality of
>> process record and replay, but we would really like to see this in
>> the 7.0 release.
>> I am almost ready with the Eclipse support for it (I manually
>> applied the patches to GDB) and plan on doing a demo at EclipseCon.
>> From what I was told, reverse debugging generates a lot of interest
>> in people and would be a great addition to GDB.
>> Great work on the whole Reverse Debugging feature and
>> Process Record and Replay!
> I wonder if record/replay and reverse debugging are one and the same feature
> from the perspective of inclusion in gdb 7.0?  It seems so from the above?
> Logically, they can be separated into at least five parts:

For now in gdb-cvs-head:

> * revexec support in gdb-serial

I think your mean is remote.c (GDBRSP)? This part is OK.

> * reveexec support in MI

I think Marc can answer this question. :)

> * revexec support in the gdb kernel

I think this part is OK.

> * record/replay as one way to effect revexec for the case of
> x86-linux-user-process

Process record and replay is in submit process.

> * revexec from external sources, such as VMWare, Simics, and other simulators

I think sim soft need RSP, right?  I think this part is OK.


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