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GDBServer debugging (EMAC Board & coldfire M5282)

Hallo Everyone,
I'm tring to use gdb/gdbserver to debug my embedded system, but i got some problem.
First of all I give you details of my develeping system:
  EMAC SoM100ES Carrier-Board +
  EMAC SoM-5282M Module Board Based on FreeScale Coldfire MCF5282
  uClinux 2.6.17-uc1
	with "gdbserver(old)" enabled
  uClinux ToolChain 4.1.1
  GDB 6.8
	downloaded form
	copiled and istalled with "m68k-elf" options
  Latest installable Codesourcery ToolChain
	To have an alternative version of GDB and GDBServer
        (coz lot of people advice to use it, so i tried it)
  --> My program is embedded into uClinux package, so when uClinux is compiled my program is compiled too (with same configuration of other application)

About my problem...
Using: gdbserver of uClinux and original GDB 6.8
I start GDB on my host:
     $ m68k-elf-gdb myfile.gdb

Then, on target, I start GDBSERVER
     # gdbserver myfile
       process myfile created; pid=55
       code at 0xa00040 - 0xa5d60, data at 0xa0c004
Back on Host:
     (gdb) target remote
        Remote debugging using
        Warning: Target reported unsupported offsets: Text=a00040; Data=a062e4; Bss=a062e4;
        0x00d93f30 in ?? ()
1) First (partialy solved) problem is about the "warning on offset" previously reported; I didn't find a satisfy solution, I have just got around:
  I start gdb without any file and then I use "add-symbol-file" command with address shown by gdbserver (in this case 0xa00040)

2) Second one is about MANUAL HARD BREAK (aka CTRL-C): after using "continue" command the program starts execution, but i can't stop it with CTRL-C;
It doesn't care my first key-press, and if i press it again GDB replies with "Interrupt while waiting for the program give up? (y or n)"
Why does it reply me in this way?

3) Third problem is about breakpoint: I can easily set breakpoint of my program, but it doesn't work correctly at all
After getting connection by "gdbserver&target remote" i set a breakpoint on subroutine "wait" and I send "continue" command
       (gdb) b wait
       breakpoint 1 at 0xa00086: file alberto.c, line 11
       (gdb) c
The execution starts and when it reaches the breakpoint it replies in this way:
       Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
       0x00a00088 in wait () at alberto.c:11
       11              printf("aspetto\n");
Watching this reply i can undesrtand there is something wrong, it seems a MANUAL BREAK instead of a brekpoint stop; in fact if i send continue it says:
       Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
       0x00a00088 in wait () at alberto.c:11
       11              printf("aspetto\n");
If i try to continue again it replies the same adding also "The program no longer exists"
On the target i can see:
       Child terminated with signal = 4

       Child terminated with signal = 0x4
       GDBserver exiting
This happend for every funtion of my program

4) Backtrace
If i use "where" command it always replies with "Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC"

5) CodeSourcery version
As lot of people adviced, I tried CodeSourcery version but it works even worse.
I copied gdbserver of CodeSourcery into target by tftp and execute...
NB: First problem, previously reported, happend also in CodeSourcery Version (CodeSourcery "gdbserver" doesn't show the adress but i can find it on /proc/maps)
If i try to execute continue host replies with "remote connection closed" and target replies with "Connection closed by foreign host".
I don't understand why it does it in this way!!

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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