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Re: Discussing the next GDB release (GDB 7.0?)

Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> What about merging the multiprocess bits from the multiprocess branch?
>> If we're going for a major version increment, might as well have as
>> many new features as possible :)
> That's an interesting feature to have - I would love to have it, as
> any new feature, but can this be pushed to trunk in a reasonable
> amount of time? Otherwise, the question becomes: Do we want to delay
> the release for this feature? What are the limitations in the current
> implementation?

Pedro has a much better handle on the state of that branch than me.

> Right now, I am guestimating we're two to three months away from branching.
> I need to discuss this delay with the Python guys too...

I planned to have CodeSourcery work on getting that branch merged by the end of
April.  Hitting the beginning of April is probably too soon.

Please let me know if there's more we can do to get multi-process into GDB 7


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::         CodeSourcery

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