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Re: Discussing the next GDB release (GDB 7.0?)

> > I think a reasonable goal would be to ship the Python-based
> > pretty-printing feature.  My reason for this particular goal is that
> > this code has been through a number of iterations, is in actual use by
> > various groups, and is an actually useful user-visible feature
> > (frequently requested in the last year, in fact :-)
> Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me too.  On my end, I'd like to have as much as you
guys think is ready for prime-time. What I would like to avoid is
publishing something based on one API and then later having to
amend that API...  It's nice to hear that the pretty-printing
feature is already in use...

> I'd also like to have the inlining support in 7.0; it's in my court to
> respond to Mark K.'s objections, but Stan seems to have volunteered to
> lend me a hand... :-)

All GDB Maintainers: Feel free to add stuff to the new page. I don't
want the list to be incomplete because I missed one message...


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