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RE: symbolic debug of loadable modules with kgdb light

I have attached the patch against gdb-6.8.
- This patch is based on I
removed garbage as mush as possible. But it still has the code which I don't
know what it is. I don't remove copyright notice which is there.
- I haven't run testsuite because I could not find how to do that while I
run make in testsuite directory.
- I believe that the code follows coding standard. Let me know if not.
- The patch is produced by "svn diff". I believe patch format is the one you
want. Let me know if not.

-----Original Message-----
From: Joel Brobecker [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 8:18 PM
To: Caz Yokoyama
Subject: Re: symbolic debug of loadable modules with kgdb light

> Is there anyway to integrate my modifications to gdb?

We indeed welcome contributes. Hopefully most of your questions
will be answered by a file called CONTRIBUTE in the gdb/ subdirectory.
Could you have a look and let us know if some things are not clear?


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