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Re: symbolic debug of loadable modules with kgdb light

Caz Yokoyama wrote:
> Hello,
> I started a sourceforge project called kgdb-light
> ( kgdb-light is a modified gdb
> which handles symbol tables of loadable modules of Linux kernel 2.6.26 and
> later. Linux kernel 2.6.26 and later integrates kernel debugging under
> kernel hacking. Gdb handles symbol table of Linux kernel, but it does not
> for loadable modules. Kgdb-light updates internal symbol table by reading
> "struct module" in kernel. I also modified gdb to send Magic SysRq,
> therefore, target may locate far away.

Sounds very interesting. Did you happend to try the former extension
with the QEMU or KVM backend already? Would be _very_ cool if such
support became mainline (I'm tired of add-symbol-file with manually
looked-up module addresses...). Is it possible to disable the SysRq
interrupt for this use case? [ I still consider this variation of the
original remote protocol an unfortunate decision of the kernel
developers, but back then I wasn't able to convince them to change it. ]


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