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RE: vmware's replay framework and gdb

>  > but how far along is gdb in supporting this framework?
> I'm working on it.   ;-)
> If you look at the recent threads on this list about reverse
> debugging in gdb, you'll get an idea of where we're headed.
> We want to let a user debug a recorded execution, deterministic-
> ally, and make it run both forward and backward using the same
> reverse debugging commands as described in those threads
> (reverse-continue, reverse-step, reverse-next etc.)
> We don't have any product release date for it, but you can
> already do some rudimentary replay debugging with the
> released version of VMware Worksatation and the standard gdb.
> Here's a blog article about it:

Not to be outdone: Simics, at, also has support for reverse
debug with gdb, using our own patched version of gdb 6.8.  This has been in use
since 2005. 

Simics is free for academia, if you are an academic, and we are also quite happy
to provide access to Simics licenses to the gdb maintainers. We are looking into
how to integrate the upcoming reversible gdb with our backend, looks fairly

Best regards,



Jakob Engblom, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager

Virtutech                   Direct: +46 8 690 07 47    
Drottningholmsvägen 14      Mobile: +46 709 242 646   
11243 Stockholm             Web:  

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