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Re: gdb supported on powerpc-apple-darwin ?

Mario Emmenlauer wrote:
I would assume that basic Darwin support in FSF GDB would be a good
starting point. You mentioned you already put some work into it, any
chances that you will continue? How far have you gotten?
I got it to where it would up seize up waiting for signals and such from the inferior. :-) Just that much involved bringing over several thousand lines of Darwin-specific code. Dunno when/if I'll get back to it, CodeSourcery is keeping me plenty busy. :-)

It seems very sadening that FSF gdb won't ever incorporate Apples changes (or another type of darwin support). Of course one might know who to point the finger at, but in the end that won't help. If Apples fork is GPL, would it not be possible to back-merge the darwin support, leaving out the other changes that are incompatible to the current interface(s)?
That's exactly what I did. The problem is that basic Darwin support is more complicated than average for a native config, because one has to listen for both messages and signals delivered by the system, and some of those calls are blocking - so GDB itself has to be multithreaded just so it can simultaneously listen for everything.

A concerted effort by one person (either inside or outside Apple) could probably get the two versions back in sync, but it's a heavy-duty hacking project that will likely take a number of months of fulltime effort.


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